Google+ Vs Facebook: Which To Publish On First?

Deciding whether your business should focus on Google+ or Facebook in its social media marketing efforts is a tough question. While Facebook still has a much larger user-base, Google+ is gaining traction and is more integrated with Google’s search engine that processes more than 13 billion search queries a month.

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Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of both services.

Google+ benefits

While both social media networks can help with your website’s SEO, not surprisingly, Google+ offers more value when it comes to improving your SEO. A link on your Google+ profile to your company’s website for example provides link juice, while on Facebook these links are nofollow and thus provide no SEO value.

Links to your website in your own or other people’s Google+ posts also carry link value. The more a certain post is +1’d, linked to and shared, the more SEO value a link in that post will get. As a result, engaging with customers on Google+ can help build your brand on the social media platform itself and in search results.

A Google+ page also ranks more easily in Google’s search engine. You can optimize title tags of posts on Google+ to target certain keywords, helping you rank for related search queries. Google+ pages also get indexed almost immediately, making it possible for new Google+ blog posts to appear in Google search results right after they’ve been published.

Besides the SEO benefits, Google+, compared to Facebook, has more users that are active in technical fields that use the network more for discovering and sharing content than to connect with friends. This makes Google+ presence a must for businesses that operate in technical industries.

Facebook Benefits

While Google+ as a social media marketing tool is mostly about SEO benefits, Facebook is still where the larger, more engaged audience is.

Facebook’s audience is still much larger than that of Google+. Especially if you are running a B2C business, Facebook generally still offers the most value, because that is where most of your potential customers are spending their time. Google+ users don’t check the social network as often as Facebook, making it easier to engage users on Facebook.

Facebook also offers more features that help engage users such as apps, events, polls, etc.

Which is the Winner?

The final answer as to where you should publish first –Google+ or Facebook– ultimately depends on the type of industry your business is in, and what your goals for posting to a social media network are. If you are in a very technical industry or using social media just to improve your SEO, then you should focus on Google+ first. If you are looking for engagement and want to reach as many people as possible on social media, then Facebook is still where you need to be first. What’s important for both social networks is that you know all the intricacies of the platforms so that you can get the most out of whichever network you decide to focus one.


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