Keep Your Premises Liable-Free

Every day, new claims are being filed for an injury caused on another’s premises. They range from all sorts of injuries that can cost you and your family thousands of dollars. However, we often don’t think about the damage that can be done to our bank accounts from premises liability cases until we are charged for one ourselves. Take time now to make sure your property is not capable of causing you financial trouble in the future.

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Keep dogs obedient and trained.

For most people, particularly animal lovers, dogs seem like they could almost do no harm. They have a reputation as being the friendly “man’s best friend” who runs home to greet us when we come home from work. In most cases, that lovable perceptions deems true. However, it is crucial to make sure your dog is trained from an early age to refrain from biting and jumping on others. Dog bites are some of the most popular liability cases, and medical bills for the plaintiff can be pretty hefty. If your dog is trained but you still have concerns, try to keep dogs outside of the facility if there are children present.

For businesses, monitor security measures.

Whenever a robbery or mugging occurs on your business’s property, you need to take a look at security measures and enhance them in any way possible. Another common liability faced in the courts is having multiple similar incidents without the owners ever changing anything. For example, if three women have been mugged in your movie theater’s parking garage within two weeks, you need to look into having security guards working the garage in the future. Using unfortunate incidents like these can prevent them from happening again in the future, while also preventing a lawsuit against your company for being negligent.

Keep nightclubs monitored.

Clubs and bars have other factors to consider outside of security. Due to access to alcohol and overcrowding, other accidents can occur on your premises if you do not keep an eye on safety measures. This is why restaurants and bars are usually cautious of allowing others to get drunk, pay for taxi cabs, and keep a line outside (for bars). Another problem with nightlife facilities is the sexual assault crimes that are on the rise. Too much of anything leads to dangerous circumstances for others, and a lawsuit and your business’s future.

Caution those wet floors.

Those yellow signs janitors put up cautioning you to be careful is the perfect example of preventing slip-and-fall accidents, one of the top claims for premises liability lawsuits. Slip-and-fall accidents may not seem detrimental initially, but consider the age of the person falling as well as where. If your building’s staircase was recently mopped, and a pregnant mother falls down them, she and her unborn child could suffer serious injuries. If an elderly gentleman slips on the cafeteria floor of a nursing home, he could break several bones or fracture a skill. Keeping others aware of a slippery floor could make a ten thousand-dollar difference for you and your business.


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